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Kids all day bully proof camp 
Volusia county schools are out.  Drop off your kids from 7am to 7pm and they will experience bully proof workshops, Jiu Jitsu and MMA classes, games, and much more. cost is $25 per child.


11/25, 11/26, 11/27
‚ÄčKids all day bully proof Thanksgiving camp
3 day bully proof all day camp. Cost is $25 per kid per day.


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Cesar Gracie Seminar 3/28/20 10am

Black belt promotion ceremony for Darkwolfmma instructor Chistian Lohsen.

and 5 yr anniversary celebration

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Whether you are a professional fighter or just want to get into shape and learn self defense, Darkwolfmma can help you achieve those goals. All of our classes (except our competition classes) are great for beginners or advanced martial artists.  

The benefits of martial arts are extensive, from increased confidence, better health, stress relief and so much more


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