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Corona Virus Update:


​​To protect our students in these critical times we have modified our schedule.  Private instruction is still available by appointment

We are currently pre registering for our after school program for 2020/2021 school year.

Includes :

Homework assistance

Jiu Jitsu and MMA classes

Non school day camps

Pick up from most local schools


Games and much more

Current list of schools we pick up from are :

Ivy Hawn

Manatee Cove

Orange City Elementary

Timbercrest elementary

​Enterprise elementary

​Debary Elementary



Check out our extensive list of classes offered.  Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Takedowns, Strength & Conditioning. Kids & Adult, womens only classes, after school programs, kids day camps and more

Welcome to the DarkwolfMMA Family

Whether you are a professional fighter or just want to get into shape and learn self defense, Darkwolfmma can help you achieve those goals. All of our classes (except our competition classes) are great for beginners or advanced martial artists.  



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After School Program


Our Instructors

The Lohsen family

with over 50 years combined experience

The benefits of martial arts are extensive, from increased confidence, better health, stress relief and so much more

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221 Strawberry Oaks Drive Suite 300, Orange City, FL, 

Our Updates:

Upcoming kids day camps

We have extended our spring break camp.  As long as the state allows us to continue we will offer this camp while the schools are closed.

We are utilizing CDC guidelines for child care centers to keep our students safe.

We have increased our already strict cleaning and disinfecting procedures.  All children and staff are health screened at entry.  Hand washing is required every 2 hours.

We will be charging our regular summer camp fee of $95 per week or $25 per day.  Camp hours are 7am to 7pm