Head Instructor:

Black Belt under Cesar Gracie

 3rd Degree Black Belt - Okinawan GoJu Ryu

 1st Degree Black Belt – Tae Kwon Do

 20+ years experience MMA corner/trainer pro & amateur fighters

2018 Florida MMA Awards Coach of the Year nominee

Has been training in martial arts for over 30 years.

One of the old school original grapplers from the central California area.

Assistant Instructor and Gym manager
Melissa Lohsen 

Black Belt under Cesar Gracie

Simply put Melissa is one of the top women's instructors in the area.  2017 Master Worlds  Master 3 Super Heavy Brown Belt Champion and  Master 3 Brown belt Absolute Champion.  Currently ranked IBJJF #2 Master 3 female brown belt in the world

Assistant Instructor/ Fight team manager
Christian Lohsen 

Brown Belt under Cesar Gracie

 DarkwolfMMA Team Captain, FHSAA State Wrestling 3rd Place 2013, COPA/New Breed Advanced No-Gi Competitor, Breakthrough MMA 155lb champion, Real Cage Fighting 155lb champion, 2017 3rd place at IBJJF No Gi World Championships. Professional MMA Fighter with a record of 7-1.  2018 Florida MMA Awards Pro Fighter of the Year and 2018 Combat Night Fighter of the Year.

​​​​​​Our coaching staff:

The LOHSEN Family 

DarkwolfMMA is a family school that truly begins with family.  The Lohsen family has over 50 years of combined experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and over 65 years as martial artists.  We are the only Cesar Gracie Affiliate in Florida.

Strength and Conditioning

Instructor Joy Bracero

From my earliest memories I have been inspired to share
fitness & healthy living with friends of all ages. from leading childhood
fitness challenges, coaching County youth soccer teams and teaching the health
& wellness class for DBCC Kid’s in College Program. I knew that Health and
Wellness was my calling. 
AA from Daytona Beach Community College, Massage License from FCNH with a focus in sports
massage, Bachelor's degree in Biology focus in pre-med from FAU, Doctorate of
Natural Health degree from Clayton College. Furthermore, through my LMT license
I’ve earned my certificate as a Florida Health Coach.
Year after year I’m reminded of the
positive effects exercise, balanced nutrition and positive mindset has had on
my own physical and psychological well-being, forever amazed of what our bodies
and minds can achieve. As a Fit Lifestyle Coach I want to share my enthusiasm,
encourage a happier lifestyle, and help you realize what your body is capable
of. I believe that with the right training and nutritional program, along with
a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals.
My focus:
is to create a positive and fun
experience when creating a healthy lifestyle plan, as well as using the best of
my knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their goals. My mission is
to help clients achieve the goals they have set for themselves and more. I
believe the key to this success is by building a solid foundation in the
beginning. I am passionate about using correct form, proper technique, and
injury prevention in a fun environment. I believe that we all, regardless of
our current conditioning, are able to achieve the goals that we have for
ourselves. I know with consistency and perseverance and support anything is
What I offer: 
For more than 5 years I've worked with
hundreds of clients and I have been privileged to work both in person as a
health coach & fitness instructor, in addition to working virtually with
clients all over the globe. I offer Health Coaching consultations where we
evaluate goals, actions, and investment of time and then create an action plan
that fits the needs and goals of each client.
My goal: 
for each client is to equip you with not
only the skills, but also the knowledge of how to reach your fitness and health
goals. Whether it’s to be ready for the beach or to be ready to live your best
life, my mission is to help guide you through your journey to get there.
LMT, NHD, Certified Health
Coach, Live Insanity Instructor, Team Beachbody Coach, Virtual Fit Lifestyle