401 Newtech Ct Suite 102, Debary, FL, 

Date- 8/6/22




DarkwolfMMA’s Future Legends Sport MMA

Ages: 6-16 can compete. 

Brackets: Divisions will be made day of based on registration/attendance.  Attempts will be made to separate competitors by Age, Weight, and experience levels.

Equipment required:

MMA Gloves or Puffy Gloves
Shin Guards (must have foot/instep protection)
Groin Protection & athletic supporter (required for boys)
Formed Mouthpiece


No Striking to the head will be allowed in any position standing, grounded, or otherwise
There will be no Knockouts or TKO’s allowed.  Any competitor that appears to be attempting to win via Knockout or TKO will be disqualified.
Strikes to the body & legs are allowed with both Kicks and Punches

All strikes are to be performed in a controlled manner
No strikes to the head are allowed
No strikes to the back are allowed
No strikes to the knees or elbows are allowed
No strikes using the Elbows are allowed
Knees to the body are allowed (no more than two per clinch)
Strikes to the body are allowed (no more than 4 strikes per grappling position or standing clinch)


All submissions are to performed in a controlled manner
No Neck Cranks or Spinal Locks
No hands are allowed to the face or throat.  Paper cutter chokes are allowed with the forearm only
No Wrist Locks
No Jumping or “flying” techniques
No slamming
No standing guillotines are allowed (except Teen Divisions)
No leg locks are allowed except in the teen divisions (straight ankle locks are allowed in the teen division)
Armbars, Shoulder Locks, and chokes are allowed (including Ezekiel)

No grabbing of the opponents clothing or gear is allowed
No grabbing the cage and/or wall pads are allowed

All takedowns are to be performed in a controlled manner
No Slamming or spiking the opponent is allowed
No “scissor” takedowns are allowed

Duration of Bout

All bouts will be two 2-minute rounds with a 60 second rest period in between rounds
A third 2-minute round will be added if a winner could not be decided in regulation.
If a Submission is achieved in regulation – the round will be paused, reset on the feet, and restarted until the time of the round expires.


Each bout will be overseen by three judges located at third points at the outside of the cage
At the end of each round the judges will signal simultaneously declare who they believe won the round. 

The round will be declared for either the Red Corner, Blue Corner, or Draw.
The round will be declared based on the majority (2 out of 3)
In the event there is no majority – the round will be declared a draw

Scoring Criteria

If only one submission is achieved during the round the competitor that scored the submission wins the round
If two submission are achieved during the round by the same competitor – the match is ended and that competitor is declared the winner of the bout regardless of how many rounds or time is remaining.
If each competitor achieves one submission during the round the winner of the round will be decided based on effective striking (standing or grounded)

Path to Victory

Winner via Submission

The first competitor that achieves 2-submission will be declared the winner
Both submission do not have to be in the same round.

Winner via decision

The first competitor to win 2 rounds will be declared the winner

Winner via Referee Decision

In the event of a draw the referee will declare a winner


In the event of a foul that results in a disqualification the individual that received the foul will be declared the winner



Future Legends Sport MMA Tournament