Pretty Dangerous has been breaking stereotypes since 2006.  It was started by Melissa and David Lohsen.  The mission of Pretty Dangerous is to promote women's Jiu Jitsu and women as leaders in Jiu Jitsu.  We host women's open mats in the Northern to Central Florida area.  Pretty Dangerous events are a no gym politics zone.  We host at different gyms each event to allow more women to be exposed to the mission.  Each event starts with a mini seminar taught by the higher ranked women from the host gym and co-founder Melissa Lohsen.  Then we roll.  The goal is to get as many rolls with as many women as we can.  Women roll differently and we need those rolls to be competitive.  The rules are simple-

1. no men on the mats. (only women instructing) the guys are welcome to be there for support.

2. no gym politics.

3. have fun